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Wear THEIr Creativity...




Let your Child show off their imagination by designing their very own, one of a kind, Hair Bow!


Just follow the 3 simple steps below and in 5-7 days your child will receive their one of a kind 4" Hair Bow made from their design!  Kids love their one of a kind design bows so much that they keep coming back to create more!


All Bows measure 4" and come attached to child's choice of alligator clip or headband

~Every design purchased will be owned solely by the purchaser and therefore be a "One of a Kind"~

*This means designs will never be duplicated for sale unless specifically requested or approved by the designer/purchaser.

Alligator Clip Bows: $12.00

 Headband   Bows: $14.00


Step 1 - This Step is for a Grown Up:


Print out the at home design sheet

Step 2 - Ok Kids...It's Your Turn!

All you need is some crayons, markers or colored pencils and your imagination! Remember...this will be your very own ONE of a KIND design which means no one else will ever have a bow like the one you've just created!  So let your imagination go and create a bow that expresses just who you are!!  Make sure you fill in all 4 pieces on the template and don't leave any of them without color.  The sky is the limit so have fun and let your imagination go! 

Step 3 - Ok Grown's back to you!

​When your child is done with their design sheet, make sure that all 4 cutouts on the template are filled with color and there are no blank areas.

Take a picture of your child's design sheet - Make sure lighting is bright and picture is clear.


Upload photo to our design department using the link provided.

Upload Completed Design Sheet Here

It's That Simple!

Once you complete your order, one of our special design moms will get started on turning your child's design into a finished hair bow!  This process takes 2-4 days and once complete you will receive an email letting you know your product is ready to ship.


When your child sees how their very own design has come to life, they'll be asking to come back again and again!

Complete Order

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